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Patients' health data sharing: perspectives, risks and key concepts

While patients are generally willing to share their data for public benefit, numerous unsolved questions, uncertainty and possible risks relates to data sharing. What are the options, how can we define them, how to protect patients willing to share their data and keep them informed before and after?

The session also links to how we can ensure the highest protection of patients' data remains essential and a cornerstone of both policy and implementation of digital health. Despite current active legislation, challenges are still there. In this session, we will look at current state of play of data protection, with a focus on challenges (e.g. GDPR implementation), the potential impact on a patient's life and how we can improve it at both policy and implementation level.


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Patients included

We are proud to announce that EPF Congress 2021 is Patients Included™. This means that EPF is committed to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition while ensuring they were neither excluded nor exploited.

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