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The congress' contributors

The congress' Contributors

Anke-Peggy Holtorf

Dr. Holtorf is the founder of the Health Outcomes Strategies GmbH consulting agency (www.health-os.com). Her areas of expertise are value of healthcare products and policy decisions on healthcare products for the in- and off-patent sector, reimbursement strategies, outcomes research and health economics, health technology assessment processes, payer interactions, product / device / service synergies. Specifically, she has recently contributed to the development and implementation of Multi Criteria Decision Analysis instruments for improved decision processes in emerging markets including Thailand, Kuwait, and China. In addition, she is currently acting as engaged in initiatives for patient involvement in pharmaceutical R&D and health technology assessment (as Project Coordinator).

As member of the Health Technology Assessment international Association (HTAi) and the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) she is engaged in the workgroups for Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA, for Precision Medicines Methods and for Health Technology Assessment for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics. Dr. Holtorf has also been appointed as evaluator at the EU commission on multiple occasions including SME funding programs and serves on the permanent accreditation boards for university programs in Germany.

Speaking in:
Measuring impact of patient involvement


Learn more about Thomas Allvin

Thomas Allvin

Executive Director for Strategy and Healthcare Systems at the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)

Thomas Allvin
Learn more about Alice Casagrande

Alice Casagrande

Director, formation, innovation et vie associative, Fédération des Etablissements Hospitaliers et d'Aide à la Personne, Privés Non Lucratifs

Alice Casagrande
Learn more about Elena Petelos

Elena Petelos

Lecturer in Evidence-Based Medicine and Evidence Informed Policy, AdBoard of the European Forum for Primary Care, GovBoard of the European Public Health Association

Elena Petelos

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Learn more about June Raine

June Raine

Director of Vigilance and Risk Management of Medicines at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of the UK

June Raine
Learn more about Miklós Szócska

Miklós Szócska

Former Secretary of State for Health in Hungary, Director of the Health Services Management Training Centre of the Semmelweis University

Miklós Szócska

Master of Ceremonies

Patients included

We are proud to announce that EPF Congress 2019 is Patients Included™. This means that EPF is committed to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition while ensuring they were neither excluded nor exploited.

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